Charge into Reading Decodable Reading System

Grounded in the Science of Reading and designed in consultation with Orton-Gillingham trained literacy specialist Marisa Ware, the Charge into Reading Decodable Readers take the guesswork out of learning to read!

Starting with short vowel sounds, each stage in the Charge into Reading Decodable Book Series builds on the previous stage.

Compelling storylines paired with a strict scope and sequence make for a series that children won't just be ABLE to read, but that they will actually WANT to read.

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What can your child read today?

What is decodable to one child may not be to another. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your child recognize uppercase and lowercase letters?
  • Does your child know their letter sounds?
  • Can your child blend (sound out) 2- and 3-letter words, or are they getting ready to?

We never want to sell you a book you don't need. Use our reading assessment to find the right books for your child.

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UFLI Aligned

Every decodable book series needs to follow a trusted scope and sequence, and ours is most closely aligned with UFLI Foundations. That's why we're so pleased to announce that Charge Mommy Books is now listed on the UFLI Foundations Decodable Text Guide.

But our books are not meant to be used only with UFLI. Because they focus on a single sound or skill at a time, they can easily be used alongside any curriculum.

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Decodable Readers

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Using humor to engage new readers

It has been my experience that many books that strive to teach reading lack consistent and enjoyable plots. As an author of hundreds of published children's books and an editor to thousands, I understand how to prioritize story while following the strict rules required by a decodable reading system. The words that appear in each of our decodable readers adhere to the goals of that stage of books without sacrificing plot, grammar, or early sentence structure. If a story doesn't make sense, or doesn't make us laugh, we scrap it and start again.

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What makes our books different?

  • Each book in a set focuses on a single phonetic sound, allowing for the introduction of new, rich vocabulary children can actually read!
  • As a professional children's book author and editor, I am able to create compelling storylines sure to keep children entertained and engaged while adhering to a strict scope and sequence.
  • Each book includes 8 pages of spelling-pattern-specific literacy activities meant to strengthen decoding, spelling, and phonemic awareness.
  • Volume discounts are available.
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K-5 Reading Specialist Savannah Campbell's Review

Now includes digital resources

  • Print each book's literacy activities for use in the classroom or at home.
  • Download link delivered with purchase.
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What the Reading Experts are Saying . . .

"I purchased 6 packs of the CVC set for myself . . . I have to say, I really think these decodables are spot on. I love that they feel like real stories, and there's even some fun activities in the back. They are true decodables and would be the perfect addition to any structured literacy classroom." — Savannah Campbell — K-5 Reading Specialist. See video review directly below.

"These cvc focused decodable books are perfect for our beginning readers. I love that they are truly decodable so that my beginning readers get to experience success with applying their new skills. My students love these books!" —Instagram ReelSarah Paul- Reading Intervention Specialist: K-3 (@snippetsbysarah)

I love that each book comes with 8 pages of vowel specific literacy activities, which include decoding, spelling, and phonemic awareness work. The series follows a quality scope and sequence. . ."The ultimate guide to decodable books- Anna Geiger, CEO ofThe Measured Mom