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Paperback 5-Book Set | 120 Pages

Each Book Includes 8 Pages of Literacy Activities

Long Vowel VCE Decodable Reader Set

Long Vowel VCE Decodable Reader Set

By: Brooke Vitale

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Features 5 Long Vowel VCE Decodable Books

Children learn to read one letter sound at a time, but letters can make more than one sound—especially when it comes to long and short vowel sounds! The Charge into Reading Decodable Reading System is a structured system designed to grow with a child's phonetic learning. This 5-book set is the fourth stage in the series, building on the short vowel sounds, consonant blends, and digraphs used in stages one, two, and three. Each book in the Long Vowel VCE set contains a Long-Vowel specific story along with 8 pages of vowel-specific literacy activities meant to enhance a reader’s comprehension of the long vowel spelling pattern being focused on.

Our Charge into Reading Decodable Readers are fully vetted by Marisa Ware, MSEd, a LETRS, Top Ten Tools, and Orton-Gillingham-trained reading specialist and executive function coach. 


6 x 6 inches

Printed in the United States

All Charge Mommy Books are printed in the United States of America

Dedicated to Literacy

10% of net profits donated to literacy initiatives

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Don't just memorize words. Learn to read them!

Learning to read doesn’t just happen. It takes hard work, and a lot of practice to learn how to decode text. At Charge Mommy Books, we understand the importance of supporting the growth of these skills, and of following a structured system of literacy when teaching children to read.

Our Charge into Reading Decodable Reader sets follow a literacy-specialist–approved scope and sequence, with each set of books building on what was taught in previous sets.

Stage 4: Long Vowel VCE

The Charge into Reading Long Vowel VCE Decodable Reader Set is stage 4 of Charge into Reading’s structured system of decodable readers.

Building on the short vowel sounds, consonant blends, and digraphs introduced in Stages 1, 2, and 3, each volume in this 5-book set focuses different long vowel VCE sound. Repetition of these sounds throughout the book helps new readers gain confidence and mastery over Long Vowel VCE words before moving on to more complicated spelling patterns.

Each Long Vowel VCE Decodable Reader also contains 8 pages of vowel-specific literacy activities meant to further strengthen a reader’s comprehension of the reading skill presented in the book.

  • Learn Long A VCE Words

    Jane and Kate made a plan to meet for a skate date. But when Jane doesn't show, Kate can't help but wonder . . . did Jane flake? Or is something else keeping Jane from making their skate date?

    The Skate Date introduces 21 new Long A VCE words.

    Long A VCE words in this story: brake, came, date, face, flake, hates, Jane, Kate, lake, late, made, makes, mistake, place, race, safe, same, save, shape, skate, waves

    High-frequency words in this story: be, to

  • Learn Long E VCE Words

    Pete and Steve like to compete, but no matter what activity they try, they just keep coming out even. Will one finally beat the other, or are they both the best athlete here?

    The Best Athlete introduces 14 new Long E VCE words.

    Long E VCE words in this story: athlete, athletes, compete, complete, concrete, convene, extreme, here, Pete, sphere, spheres, Steve, theme, these

    High-frequency words in this story: be, to, we

    Additional VCE and long E words in this story: like, race, same, time

  • Learn Long I VCE Words

    Clive and Mike love to spend time outdoors. From riding bikes to flying kites, there's plenty of fun to be had. But when Mike's kite gets stuck in a pine tree—twice!—it may be time to do something new!

    The Kite introduces 30 new Long I VCE words.

    Long I VCE words in this story: bike, bikes, Clive, dice, glides, hive, kite, kites, like, lime, line, mice, Mike, mine, nice, pine, pipe, ride, rides, rise, side, smiles, stripes, time, twice, twine, whines, white, wide, yikes

    High-frequency words in this story: for, he, to, we

  • Learn Long O VCE Words

    Rose wants to rove. So, waking her brother, she declares that it is time to go! Soon the two are striding up a slope and past the grove. But what is their ultimate destination?

    The Cove introduces 28 new Long O VCE words.

    Long O VCE words in this story: chose, close, Cole, cove, dove, froze, globe, grove, home, hope, joke, mole, nope, robe, rope, Rose, rose, rove, scone, slope, spoke, stones, stove, strode, tote, vote, woke, wove

    High-frequency words in this story: to, we

    Additional Long Vowel VCE and Long O words in this story: go, no, time

  • Learn Long U VCE Words

    June just wants to listen to her flute music and do some crafting. But when her loud music disturbs Duke, how will she make it up to him?

    The Truce introduces 16 new Long U VCE words.

    Long U VCE words in this story: crude, cube, cute, Duke, flute, fumes, June, muse, mute, prunes, rude, rule, truce, tube, tunes, use

    High-frequency words in this story: my, to, you

    Additional Long Vowel VCE words in this story: time

  • Long Vowel Picture Match

    Reading long vowel VCE words can be tricky for kids. Encourage your child to practice using the "Magic E" by reading each word and matching it with the correct picture.

  • Phoneme Counting

    Remembering that the E is silent in a "Magic E" word can be tough for children just learning VCE words. This activity is designed to help children break down the specific phonemes found in each word, while keeping in mind the silent E.

  • Long Vowel Maze

    This Long Vowel VCE activity encourages children to find only the words that contain a long vowel by reading each word out loud and then following the path of long vowel VCE words to the end.

About the Author

Brooke Vitale is a children's book editor, author, and proud founder of Charge Mommy Books. Over the course of her 15+ years at top New York publishers, Brooke Vitale has edited thousands of books, including best-selling titles Hide-and-Hug Olaf and Olaf’s Night Before Christmas. Today, Brooke works as a freelance children’s book editor and runs, a website dedicated to helping aspiring authors navigate the publishing and self-publishing industry. Since beginning her freelance career, Brooke has helped more than 1,000 authors achieve their dream of publishing a book.

But Brooke is also a prolific writer in her own right. She has worked with top children’s book publishers including Penguin Random House, Scholastic, HarperCollins, and Disney Book Group to publish more than a hundred books, including The Magic Is in You, The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two, Goonies: An Illustrated Classic. All told, Brooke’s books have sold over 500,000 copies and climbing.

Brooke lives in Connecticut. When she is not writing or editing she can be found playing Charge Mommy in the backyard with her two young sons.

About Our Literacy Specialist

Marisa Ware, MSEd, is a LETRS, Top Ten Tools, and Orton-Gillingham-trained reading specialist and executive function coach. She also creates educational resources for teachers, parents, and homeschooling families. Marisa received her BA in behavioral science with a minor in English. While teaching full-time in the classroom, she went on to earn her Master’s in Education, and has devoted the past 10+ years of her career to literacy education. Marisa currently works privately in one-on-one settings with elementary and middle school students. She blogs about literacy education at MW LITERACY®. Residing in Connecticut, Marisa lives with her husband, two children, and lots of books and greenery.

About the Illustrator

Mila Uvarova graduated from Saint Petersburg Institute of Art Sculpture. She has worked as a designer, PR manager, and illustrator for books, logos, and private label brands. Mila's favorite artist ever is Danish caricature master Herluf Bidstrup.

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