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Slushy, Slurpy City Snow

Slushy, Slurpy City Snow

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The snow is falling, crisp and white
But something's hiding out of sight . . .

When snow falls in the city, it leaves a peaceful blanket of white. But as the city starts to wake up, that white soon gets stomped and tromped all down. Join in the fun of a snowy day in the city, from snowball fights and snowmen to snow forts and sledding. But beware. City snow isn't as peaceful as it seems, and surprises wait at every turn!



8.5 x 11 inches

40 pages

Printed in the United States

All Charge Mommy Books are printed in the United States of America

Dedicated to Literacy

10% of net profits donated to literacy initiatives

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Get ready for adventure!

Navigating city snow is an adventure! From hills left behind by snowplows to icy puddles hiding where you least expect them, get ready for a fun-and adventure-filled trek through the city, where surprises wait at every turn!

Celebrate creativity!

For most kids, a snow day is a rite of passage. No school and a full day of fun. Could it get any better?

From sledding and snowboarding to snowball fights and building snowmen, this snowy story is sure to leave kids clamoring for their next snow day! But of course, no snowy day is really complete without a nice cup of hot cocoa!

About the Author

Brooke Vitale is a children's book editor, author, and proud founder of Charge Mommy Books. She has written over a hundred books, including Slushy, Slurpy, City Snow, Say Cheese, How to Pick a Pet, Bug Hunt, The Magic Is in You, The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two and Goonies: An Illustrated Classic.

Brooke spent more than fifteen years as an editor at prominent publishing companies, including Penguin Books for Young Readers and Disney Publishing. These days when she's not writing she can be found editing picture books for authors through her website, or playing in the backyard with her two young sons.

About the Ilustrator

Picking up a pencil at the age of six and with nobody having the good sense to stop him, David Hillman just kept right on drawing.

David became a professional illustrator right after high school, working in such fields as comic books, storyboards, and licensing. But David's true calling was picture book illustration and writing, and he decided that was how he wanted to continue his creative journey.

David lives in NYC and enjoys sitting in the park with his lovey wife, Ann.

Customer Reviews

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Who Doesn't Love a Snow Day!!

Snow Days are the best days. When a child wakes up to the beauty of fallen snow all they can think of is to get out in it! The beautiful rhyming pulls you through this lovely story. The artwork is pleasing as you start with soft colors and crescendo into much brighter ones. You get the same feeling from the words that take you from a peaceful walk into a full-blown snowball fight. The descriptive words allow you to feel what is happening as if you were there in the snow! This is a great book for children who are in parts of the country or world who have never experienced snow. The children who have frolicked in snow will understand completely what the children in the book are experiencing. Loved it!

Karla Clark
Snow Day Comeback!

When the pandemic hit and everyone was home—snow days became a thing of the past. Thankfully, this winter, with most children back in school, the possibility of a snow day becomes a reality again. What kid doesn’t love a snow day? This book really captures the excitement kids and parents feel when they get to experience the magic of a snow day. As a child, I remember thinking that a snow day was such a gift—an excuse to play or lounge or explore. And then as a parent of young children, it was extra special because I got to skip a day of work and just spend time with my kids. Kids and parents will enjoy cuddling up in a chair, watching it snow, sipping hot chocolate, and reading this darling book!

Emily Green
Snow day!

What a great winter book! My kids wait eagerly every year for the first snow so they can go sledding and build snowmen. It’s still a few months away for us, but this definitely got them in the spirit. And I loved being able to share the differences between the snow days they know in the suburbs and the city experience. The art is gorgeous, too. The artist did an amazing job capturing the city. A great read to get ready for winter, and definitely one we’ll be reading again and again this winter as we warm up from the hours of outside play!